As part of TSE Group’s sustainability policy, the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Division developed a Grievance Mechanism for stakeholders. Grievance is an allegation of a violation or problem raised by individuals or groups who want TSE to seek out solutions.


For our grievance submission procedure, please click here to fill out the form and then submit it via one of the following options:

021 797 5959 Ext 352

• Wisma Korindo 13th Floor
MT Haryono Kav 62, Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12780
Attention: Divisi Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

• TSE Operational Office in the Regional Area


Grievance List

No Case Description Complainant Processing Status
1 C-20200516 Marius Tigamirop Accidental death of Marius Tigamirop Initiated by TSE ESG Team May 28, 2020 Closed
2 C-20201126  Petrus Kinggo Land dispute in PT Tunas Sawa Erma Block E Initiated by TSE ESG Team November 30, 2020 Closed
3 C-20201127 Elisabeth Ndiwaen The impact of PT Dongin Prabhawa’s presence on the customary rights holders Initiated by TSE ESG Team November 30, 2020 Closed
4 C-20210329 Change in Mad River Water Color Inspection of the Mad River Watershed and Prevention of Water Seepage from the Pile of Empty Fruit Bunches Flowing into the Watershed Initiated by the Staff of PT. BCA March 29, 2021 Closed
5 C-20210503 Interruption of construction CPO mill of PT Dongin Prabhawa Compensation claim regarding capacity extension construction of the CPO mill of PT Dongin Prabhawa Initiated by  TSE ESG Team May 3, 2021 Closed
6 C-20220719 Community Demonstration Against PT Dongin Prabhawa Management Several people from communities near PT Dongin Prabhawa and harvester group held a demonstration against PT Dongin Prabhawa  Management Initiated by TSE ESG Team July 19, 2022 Closed
7 C-20230517 Demand for profit sharing and followed by a blockage Demand for 30% profit sharing (IDR 17,000,000,000) and followed by a blockage at PT Dongin Prabhawa’s CPO Mill. Initiated by TSE ESG Team May 17, 2023 Closed
8 C-20230901 PT Dongin Prabhawa’s HGU Issue The Marind tribe imposed customary sanctions on PT Dongin Prabhawa Initiated by TSE ESG Team September 1, 2023 Closed
9 C-20231031 Demand for Plasma Plantation toward PT Dongin Prabhawa Request for explanation and law enforcement from Mr. Ridwan to the Directorate General of Plantations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia, regarding PT Dongin Prabhawa. Initiated by TSE ESG Team October 31, 2023 Closed

Minor Grievance List: