Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil

Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) is a policy taken by Indonesian Government that aims to improve the sustainability of the palm oil industry in accordance with the Indonesian Government’s rules and regulation, enhance the competitiveness of Indonesian palm oil in the world market and participate in supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emission, also pay attention to environmental issues.

The implementation of the ISPO is mandatory and done to uphold the principles of guidance and advisory services, also mentoring to palm oil plantation, which is the duty of the Government. Therefore, the initial stage of the implementation of the ISPO certification is the garden classification (Garden Class) according to the Decree of the Agricultural Minister 07 of 2009 on Guidelines for Assessment of Plantation Business.

In March 2015, the Minister of Agriculture has issued a decree No. 11 of 2015 concerning Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil Certification System that enhance the previous provisions governing the 7 principles and criteria of ISPO, those are:

  • Business legality

  • Plantation management

  • Protection against the use of natural forest and peatland

  • Management and environmental monitoring

  • The responsibility towards employees

  • Social and economic empowerment responsibility

  • Sustainable business improvement

There have been 96 integrated plantation companies that have received ISPO certificate with a total area of 756.743 ha and a total CPO production of 3.849.484 ton until the period of June 2015 (Secretariat of ISPO, 2015). The company does GHG counting using ISPO Calculator methodology. We have done GHG counting and done the recommendation to decrease the GHG rate in 2017. Meanwhile, the report and counting process in 2018 is ongoing.

PT. Tunas Sawa Erma acquired ISPO certification on December 11, 2016, while PT. Berkat Cipta Abadi and PT. Dongin Prabhawa received the certifications on March 22, 2019.

TSE ISPO Certificate

BCA ISPO Certificate

DP ISPO Certificate

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation SOP