We Share Wholeheartedly for a Meaningful Life

Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE) Group — a company engaged in palm oil plantations — has been operating in Asiki, Jair, Boven Digoel, Ulilin, Merauke, Papua since 1998 and Halmahera, North Maluku since 2012. During this period, TSE Group has made efforts to build a sustainable society in various ways through Corporate Social Contributions (CSC). It has done so in accordance with the company philosophy to build a harmonious, beneficial, and sustainable relationship with the community and stakeholders for the sake of improvement and prosperity. Our CSC activities focus on strategic, systematic, and sustained programs through five pillars of the main program, which are education, health, economy, environment, and infrastructure.

Padmamitra Award

On top of all the efforts and commitments made with great sincerity and hard work to build the community, TSE Group has been awarded for social contributions in the implementation of social welfare in the field of remoteness by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Indonesia in 2018.


We are aware that the quality of human resource development is one of the keys to the success of sustainable development. TSE Group provides development assistance in the field of education in the form of funding, learning facilities, and school busses.


Health problems in Boven Digoel have been of some concern for TSE Group. We addressed these issues through CSC programs such as free healthcare services and the establishment of clinics in each block of the plantations. To reach secluded citizens and build a healthy lifestyle, TSE Group also provides health education through Itinerant Doctor along with ambulances and free health services every two weeks. Through these activities, the people of Papua can get health checks and immunizations as well as free medicine to reduce the disease and increase the overall health of the population.


To improve economic independence and the welfare of society, TSE Group provides productive business assistance such as business support for fish, poultry, cattle, and pig farms, rubber and palm oil plantations, as well as the ownership units of shop houses and stalls. With productive and direct business assistance, it is expected to increase family income, as well as economic and social welfare in a sustainable manner.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


TSE Group always seeks to preserve the environment to keep nature abundant and improve health. Our concern for the environment has been proven with concrete actions, like tree planting and routine environmental cleaning. We always engage and cooperate with various elements of society such as local authorities, military, police, as well as religious and customary leaders for the entire community — anyone can get involved in environmental conservation.

As regions become harder to reach, infrastructure support certainly becomes a major need to the people around the company. As a result, TSE Group actively participates in the development of infrastructure such as repairing bridges, constructing sport facilities, and mending roads; also, establishing public facilities such as clean water supply, electricity, schools, clinics, churches and mosques, markets, shops, sport fields, village halls, the clan chief’s house, etc. This support proves the commitment of TSE Group in building a harmonious and prosperous life together with all stakeholders in all locations.