Zero Burning

We have been monitoring deforestation (including in high conservation value/HCV and plasma areas) using Global Land Analysis and Discovery (GLAD) deforestation alerts, and fires using Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) alerts in palm oil and plasma areas of ± 133,000 ha.

In the process of developing palm oil plantations, TSE Group has been actively following the provisions of the Indonesian Government such as the Zero Burning policy and the moratorium on peatland to create a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

PT. BCA Verification

PT. DP Verification

Some of the concrete steps that have been made are carrying on mechanical land clearance and without burning, and having reliable firefighters to monitor and prevent forest fires, which brings a sense of security and comfort in the surrounding area of the palm oil plantations.

Palm Oil Plantation & Processing Mechanism

Fire Rescue Team

Besides the above, TSE Group also cooperates with the local relevant technical agencies to carry on joint-monitoring and evaluation to ensure there is no land burning.