Public Consultation

Tunas Sawa Erma Group has been growing and thriving in Papua for over 25 years. We are experienced in maintaining interaction with the local community to create a safe and conducive atmosphere for the communities and the company.

According to government regulations, in order to perform land clearing for a new oil palm plantation, a company should hold public consultation — for a minimum of three times — to ensure that the company is aware of what the people want, and will be able to make an agreement which is then followed up on by providing adequate compensation.

All of our palm plantations including subsidiaries, joint ventures, other companies under our management, and third-party suppliers have conducted Environmental Impact Assessments (AMDAL) in accordance to Indonesian government regulations, and we will apply the same principles to all future developments. In addition, the Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Monitoring Plan (RKL/RPL) reports are prepared for each subsidiary in accordance with AMDAL regulations and are regularly submitted to relevant government agencies. The report includes contributions to water quality, air quality, soil erosion, biodiversity management, and local community. The information is stated clearly and managed by a professional staff.