2016 HCV/HCS Assessment with BIOREF

Tunas Sawa Erma Group has worked with BIOREF of the Faculty of Forestry IPB University to conduct the assessment and identification of HCV and HCS in all TSE Group’s oil palm plantation areas in 2016.

HCV Assessment Result

The submission process to the HCV Resource Network (http://www.hcvnetwork.org) was carried out in 2017 and generated three ‘Unsatisfactory’ results (TSE A, BCA C and DP) and three ‘Cancelled’ results (TSE B, TSE E and BCA D).

TSE A (Unsatisfactory)

TSE B (Cancelled)

TSE E (Cancelled)

BCA C (Unsatisfactory)

BCA D (Cancelled)

DP (Unsatisfactory)

HCS Assessment Result

Meanwhile, the submission to the High Carbon Stock Approach (http://highcarbonstock.org) was done on March 17, 2017 with TSE A being the only successfully published company on the HCS Approach website.

2020 HCV/HCS Reassessment with Ata Marie – Ongoing Process

In September 2020, we conducted an HCV and HCS reassessment and identification in collaboration with Ata Marie. The field assessment began in early June 2021 and the process is expected to last until August 2021. Ata Marie is currently preparing the draft of HCV and HCS Assessment results. After the draft is complete, Ata Marie will register it for the Integrated HCV/HCS Assessment on the Assessor Licensing Scheme (ALS).

Sumary of Self-Assessment PT TSE (POP A)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT TSE (POP B)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT BCA (POP C)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT BCA (POP D)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT TSE (POP E)

Summary of Self-Assessment PT Dongin Prabhawa