Photo : The sago grating machine Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE) Group donated to a farming group in Boven Digoel, South Papua

SOUTH PAPUA – Throughout 2023, TSE Group has carried out a number of CSC programs in line with its five “pillars” (Education, Health, Economy, Infrastructure, and Environment) for isolated communities in Papua.

The company rolled out educational activities like quiz competitions, speech contest, and Social Education classes in far-flung schools. Through a partnership with the Directorate General of Plantation, TSE Group also aided five children of local hamlet chief families with their studies at Stiper Agricultural Institute Yogyakarta (INSTIPER Yogyakarta).

On top of this, the firm worked with Merauke’s Manpower & Transmigration Service and Productivity & Vocational Training Center on a non-institutional, competency-based training program for the indigenous productive population. This program had two classes: fuel-injected motorcycle maintenance training and outboard motor mechanical training.

Under the Health pillar, TSE Group brought back a smile to the faces of former neck tumor patient Faustina Mai Wauk and cleft lip patient Sebastianus from Aiwat Subvillage, Subur District, Boven Digoel.

Aside from helping with medical procedures, we administered periodical health screenings to villagers at no cost to raise health quality.

Our life-improving programs provided three permanent homes for hamlet chiefs, tools and facilities for sanitation and washing, a clean water well, two longboats, and one diesel generator. These aids were delivered to subvillages around TSE Group’s operational sites in the regencies of Boven Digoel and Merauke as part of the company’s Infrastructure pillar programs.

Photo : Faustina Mai Wauk, a young tumor survivor from Subur Subvillage

Photo : House handover to clan chief Harun Kawab

Under the Economy pillar, we donated two sago grating machines to sago farmer groups in Aiwat and Subur subvillages in Subur District, Boven Digoel Regency. We took pains to develop Papua's creative economy through events like fish floss cooking training, which allow locals to start their own businesses and improve their finances.

Environmentally, we strive to protect the local biodiversity by safeguarding endemic and endangered animals. In this work, we have been teaming up with IPB University on a research and conservation project focused on pig-nosed turtles and birds-of-paradise.

Whether it’s quiz bowls or native fauna preservation, these social contributions demonstrate our commitment to practicing sustainable palm oil governance and innovating as we prioritize our social and environmental responsibilities. Our CSC programs are proof of our constant effort to create activities that benefit people and nature. (PR)

Published On: December 28, 2023
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