PHOTO: Three young Papuans take part in the teeth-brushing demonstration

BOVEN DIGOEL – Keeping a clean, healthy lifestyle is a great practice to have and learn early. But for Papua’s remote communities, doing this is not so easy, given the challenges in accessing medical information and getting adequate healthcare. As a result, most locals end up ignoring this practice.

One commonly overlooked hygiene habit is maintaining dental health and cleanliness. Mouth and tooth disease can turn into a much bigger problem if poorly handled, especially when it happens to kids during their growth phase.

To prevent this, Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE) Group visits each community and teaches them health. This time on Friday (10/27), its subsidiary PT Tunas Sawa Erma (PT TSE) traveled to Metto Subvillage in Subur District, Boven Digoel Regency (South Papua), where it provided free health assistance.

The day began with a short explanation of a clean and healthy lifestyle from TSE Clinic’s dr. Inggriht Senny Bondang, and continued with an interactive tooth-brushing demonstration for local children.

Kids were educated on the right brushing technique and the importance of toothpaste and basic teeth maintenance. In addition to the demo, dr. Inggriht and her team conducted health checkup and treatment.

“Metto Subvillage is one of many settlements in Papua where health facilities are in poor condition. So much of the local population suffer from URTI (upper respiratory tract infection), skin disease, even dental issues. What we’re trying to do today is give them the right drugs and vitamins to help with recovery,” said the doctor during her interview with the PR team.

A glimpse into the environmental preservation lesson

Medications are offered without charge

Following the health service, Andhika Eka Putra and his team from TSE Group’s Sustainability Department delivered a lesson on preserving protected flora and fauna. Their goal is to invite the Metto community into taking part in safeguarding and conservation of the local forest biodiversity. Tropical rainforests are the lungs of the planet, and keeping them functioning will allow future generations to enjoy their benefits.

On behalf of his subvillage, Maksimus Yukisan thanked the company, saying they are grateful for the free service and chance to receive proper medication. (PR)

Published On: October 27, 2023
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