Discussion on NDPE Policy acceleration at Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE) Group Headquarters, Jakarta, Friday (22/10)

JAKARTA, October 26, 2021 – Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE) Group, as a part of oil palm plantation industry, showed its commitment towards sustainable practice of palm oil industry. This commitment is shown through the reorganization of No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) Policy along with the implementation instruments.

In this strategy formulation, TSE Group teamed up with Hylobates Awara (YAHYWA) Foundation. YAHYWA is an independent institution engaged in the field of biodiversity conservation, landscape planning and management, as well as restoration governance, rehabilitation, and biodiversity reconciliation.

The collaboration, which will run for three years, is intended to ensure that the strategy and steps being carried out can be measured. It is hoped that a more developed preparation will bring out a policy that is comprehensive, transparent, and possesses high accountability.

“We really want to manifest the NDPE Policy with the proper, systematic, and integrated management strategy so everything can run in synchronous and interrelated manner,” said the Director of TSE Group Luwy Leunufna, following the kick-off meeting of NDPE Policy at TSE Group Headquarters in Jakarta, Friday (22/10).

As explained by Luwy, TSE Group divided the process of NDPE implementation into four phases. First, the reformulation of new NDPE policy and the composition of time-bound plan.

Four phases of NDPE implementation that have been designed by TSE Group and YAHYWA

Second, the designing of implementation and monitoring instruments, which consist of several points. Namely, the TSE-Comprehensive ESG Standards (TSE-CSS) as an instrument for self-assessment involving academics in the verification and validation process. TSE-CSS is based on the derivation of all aspects of NDPE, which are connected with the standard ISPO, RSPO, ISCC certifications as well as the non-certification criteria for FPCA and SDG.

The next instrument is TSE-Grievance Tracker that aims to ensure the settlement history of a complaint occurs in a transparent manner and possesses accountability. The last instrument, TSE-Traceability Tracker is meant to ensure the Traceability to Plantation program is running in a systematic way.

After the designing of all of these instruments is finished, the next NDPE phase is the implementation. All instruments will be applied in the field in continuous and consistent manner to find out TSE's position towards the practice of sustainability based on the NDPE policy.

In de facto, TSE has implemented the Stop Work Order since November 2016. However, in line with the acceleration program, TSE will also establish Liability Assessment and Recovery Plan as part of TSE's large commitment in remediating and compensating the change of land cover since January 2016.

The fourth stage in the series of NDPE implementation is the monitoring and continuous improvement. TSE along with its partners will conduct monitoring at all levels of NDPE policy implementation by involving academic experts.

In the future, TSE Group is determined to build a sustainable palm oil industry in a transparent manner. This includes providing a public information system in the form of ESG dashboard, which is comprehensive and accountable.

On the same occasion, YAHYWA institution supports every sustainable practice by TSE Group, especially related to the NDPE implementation. As is known, NDPE is a sustainability scheme that is voluntary and became a consensus from palm oil business in the world since the last decade.

Dr. Rinekso Soekmadi from Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), who is also an expert at YAHYWA, feels optimistic that TSE Group will be the leading company in adopting the values of sustainability. This conviction was expressed after seeing TSE Group's commitment in fulfilling NDPE Policy.

“By combining the use of digitization of modern technology and the involvement of professors from a number of prominent institutions, who will later conduct Verification and Validation of NDPE implementation, TSE Group will be at the forefront and will be distinguished from a number of other national palm oil companies,” he concluded. (pr)


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