Photo: Satu Atap Camp 19 Public Junior High School students, in the program session

BOVEN DIGOEL – Enthusiasm radiated from Satu Atap Camp 19 Junior High students as they followed Tunas Sawa Erma Group (TSE Group)'s Social Education program. Without hesitation, young boys and girls raised their hands, doing their best to answer questions from the TSE team. The latter had come to teach various knowledge and current social issues, and the kids’ excited response made the event much livelier.

The Social Education program is made to build human capacity, most notably that of Papua’s indigenous people. TSE Group believes that education is the main factor in improving human capital quality.

Yet, unfair information distribution and lack of supporting infrastructure have made Papua’s education quality lag behind its counterparts. Thus, efforts to develop local skills and abilities become crucial.

This educational event is a part of TSE Group’s Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) program, which aims to enrich local communities and create a sustainable social environment, especially in schools near company areas.

Drug education from Asiki Clinic’s dr. Firman


Held from 6 – 8 September 2022 in Jair District, Boven Digoel Regency, this event is a product of collaboration between TSE Group and the public school, and involved Jair Police Force and National Army members from the Subdistrict Military Command 1711-03/GTR. Asiki Clinic employees also took part as teachers.

“This program is a form of collaboration between TSE Group and schools outside company operational areas, and in the process, we involve related government agencies. It shows the company's concern towards human development in Papua by teaching kids knowledge and the concept of being a nation, and also giving motivation,” said TSE Group’s PR Deputy General Manager, Daniel Sim Ayomi, BSS, LL.B., MPA.

Aside from an education session, the program’s last day included an outdoor activity, a drill movement training from the subdistrict military command. This session, too, was filled with a cheerful atmosphere. Attended by 120 students, the three-day event went smoothly and safely.

TSE Group engages in palm oil plantation business in Papua. TSE Group is committed to practicing sustainable palm oil governance and keeps innovating in an effort to prioritize fulfilling its environmental and social responsibility. (Fionny/HUMAS PPA MGT)

Published On: October 6, 2022
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