Photo: Tidying up Rawa Kasat bank with the local community


MERAUKEA clean environment reflects good quality of life and ensures community well-being. But in Papua’s remote areas, environmental health remains overlooked.

Knowing this, PT Papua Agro Lestari (PT PAL) encourages Guiss-Rawa Kasat locals (Ulilin District, Merauke Regency) to pay attention to their surroundings. For PT PAL, doing this will prevent illnesses from spreading and infecting the community.

In an environmental conservation event held Wednesday (2/11), both parties worked side by side to remove clutter from Rawa Kasat riverbank and parts of the village. Dozens of kilograms of plastic waste, discarded wood pieces, used styrofoam, and glass shards were pulled out of muddy grounds and village streets.

“In today’s activity, we try to get the people into taking care of the neighborhood, so it stays neat, clean, pleasant to look at, and free of diseases,” said Pratik Prihatin, PT PAL’s PR manager.

PT PAL holds events like this to meet its social and environmental responsibility. The river and neighborhood cleanup also serves as part of the company’s CSC (Corporate Social Contribution) programs that deals with environmental issues. As a whole, PT Papua Agro Lestari focuses on running strategic, systematic, and sustainable “pillar programs” for indigenous communities, which include environment, education, health, economy, and infrastructure.

Environmental cleanup and monthly communication session in Guiss Village


The event then segued into PT PAL’s regular communication session, which aims to maintain ties with Papua’s outlying communities.

PT Papua Agro Lestari is a company under Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE) Group, which engages in palm oil plantation business in Papua. PT PAL is committed to practicing sustainable palm oil governance and keeps innovating in an effort to prioritize fulfilling its environmental and social responsibility. (PR)

Published On: November 3, 2022
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