Photo : PT DP officers explain to Salamepe residents which local animals and plants are native to the region and should be protected

MERAUKE – Forest preservation can be taught in many ways. PT Dongin Prabhawa (PT DP), a subsidiary of South Papua-based oil palm plantation TSE Group, used a visual approach to introduce Salamepe residents to the endemic flora and fauna population during its nature conservation campaign at the (sub)village in Ngguti District.

This campaign was run to establish environmental conservation standards for the palm oil industry as outlined in Law 5/1990 (on Conservation of Living Natural Resources and Their Ecosystems). With the practice of hunting native animals still common, education about nature preservation becomes necessary, as state-protected local creatures would be at risk of extinction.

“Biodiversity is our natural wealth. We need to work together to keep it safe,” said PT DP manager Benny Panjaitan.

Present at the event Wednesday (9/27) with the company’s ISPO (Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil) team, Benny explained with pictures why safeguarding native plants and animals and the forest biodiversity in Papua is crucial. He invited locals to join the cause.

Benny also shared that PT DP follows a B3 (hazardous and toxic substance) waste management procedure in line with the Environment and Forestry Ministerial Regulation 6/2021, which governs the methods and requirements for handling these types of waste as part of a wider commitment to preventing damage to the surrounding natural environment and water sources.

“Once every six months, we test the water quality of nearby rivers and springs with members of local communities. So far, we haven't found anything concerning, everything’s at safe levels,” he said.

Photo : DP’s ISPO officers and locals, at the event

The environmental “class” was followed by a mobile physician service, where villagers were able to get free health services and treatment from dr. Ahmad Nur Affendick and his medical team from the company clinic.

The two-session event was part of PT DP’s Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) programs, which received positive response as seen in the thank-you speech from Salamepe chief Rony Paulus Wigo.

“On behalf of the village government, I would like to thank the company for today’s environmental lesson and health service,” said Wigo.

PT DP is committed to practicing sustainable palm oil governance and putting out innovations to prioritize its responsibilities of tackling healthcare, educational, economic, environmental, and infrastructure issues. (PR)

Published On: September 27, 2023
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