PHOTO: The mobilizer team doing onsite inspection at the farm


BOVEN DIGOEL – A few days ago, Boven Digoel’s Family Empowerment and Welfare (FEW) mobilizer team went to PT Korindo Abadi (PT KA) and Tunas Sawa Erma Group (TSE Group)’s operational area in Asiki Village, Jair District.

The visit had a purpose: to see if the pilot acreage project — courtesy of the team and TSE Group — showed any progress from previous inspections. Upon arrival, members were welcomed by TSE Group’s PR General Manager Park Jibae and his officials.

The guests couldn’t help but express wonder as they entered the site. They were appreciative of the company’s efforts, which had assisted in land preparation.

“We are blown away by the extent of development that has been made. Now we have paddy, chili, and corn in the area, as well as other crop varieties. And there’s a fish farm, too,” said Izak Sayori, representing the mobilizer team.

A meeting was also held at TSE Group’s office, where another team member, Maria Samelina R., shared the project’s intention. The compound was created to empower nearby locals, by setting examples of proper cropland management. Hence, Papuans would be motivated to grow vegetables in their own yard, ensuring household food supply and helping them save money on ingredients.

This friendly visit continued with a talk show at Radio Asiki 107.7 FM, a local radio station that TSE Group co-manages with the community. In the show, the mobilizer team thanked the company for lending its hand and hoped to maintain their partnership, especially on financial empowerment programs like this. Their next step was building similar farms in Naga Village and Getentiri Village.

“This cropland is a reflection of our commitment to supporting public programs, and shows that we are not ‘all talk’. We will create projects like this going forward,” said Sutisna, Tunas Sawa Erma Group’s PR Manager. (PR)

Published On: December 1, 2022
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