Photo: Management of TSE Group with regional government representatives and students who received the donation during the distribution of school supplies and equipment in Boven Digoel, Papua, Saturday (26/6)

BOVEN DIGOEL, June 26, 2021 – Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE) Group, a group of oil palm plantation companies located in southern Papua, distributed school supplies and equipment to students living in the remote areas of Merauke and Boven Digoel, Papua, Saturday (26/6). The donation was handed over to students from Early Childhood Education (PAUD) to Elementary School (SD).

The donation consisted of notebooks, drawing books, colored pencils, erasers, pencils, and rulers. The donation was given to 4,500 students spread across 36 schools in Merauke and Boven Digoel.

This donation was part of TSE Group’s Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) in the field of education. TSE Group itself consists of three subsidiaries, namely PT TSE, PT Berkat Cipta Abadi (BCA), and PT Dongin Prabhawa (DP).

The Head of Public Relations Division at TSE Group, Chinguk Cheong expressed that the school supplies donation was one of the company’s social responsibilities to increase the educational capacity of the community around the company’s operational area. “I hope next year we can still hold more events like this,” he said.

Cheong also hoped that the stationery donation given by TSE Group could increase the students’ motivation to study in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, which makes the studying activities only possible to be done at home.

The Head of Education and Culture Office of Boven Digoel, Mathias Kainon, expressed his appreciation for the contribution from TSE Group. The donation, which was provided for the students living in the remote areas of Papua, has helped the government’s efforts in developing superior human resources. “May God reward you for it,” he said.

A gratitude was also expressed by Novi, one of the outstanding students living in the company area. “Thank you to the company for helping us. Hopefully this will be beneficial for us,” Novi said, followed by an applause from the teachers.

TSE Group’s social contribution in education is not only a provision of school supplies to the students in the remote areas. Through its subsidiaries, TSE Group distributes scholarship to the children of the clan chiefs, honorarium for teachers, and provides buses to facilitate the students’ access to school. This series of programs is the company’s form of concern and contribution for the welfare of the community. (Christian/PPA Humas S&C)



Representative of TSE Group posing together with a school teacher in the company area

Donation handover from TSE Group to the Head of Education and Culture Office of Boven Digoel, Mathias Kainon

Published On: July 15, 2021
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