Photo: The sense of togetherness among PT TSE management and Kukurantap locals

BOVEN DIGOEL – PT Tunas Sawa Erma (PT TSE) is back with its monthly communication event, and this time it took place at Kukurantap Village, Jair District, Boven Digoel. On this very occasio. PT TSE employees sat down with the locals to discuss and take note of their aspirations. Many of the villagers wish for improvements in their economic conditions and village infrastructure. The simple yet warm event was held Thursday (22/9) at the house of an Ita clan member.

House owner Kanisius Ita used this moment to express his gratitude. Like him, PT Tunas Sawa Erma hopes that both the company and community remain on good terms, and community members stay motivated to build the village and improve living standards. It takes 1.5 hours by road from Asiki to Kukurantap. This village has poor basic facilities, so poor that a few years ago, during the dry season, they experienced a freshwater shortage.

It was until September 2020 that PT Tunas Sawa Erma came and built a well in the region. Not only that, the company made sure the water inside came from a flowing spring, so locals would have access to freshwater supply in any season, most importantly the dry season.

The event closed with lunch, where village mothers served a sweet Papuan dish.


The construction came about due to good communication between the company and residents. Both parties believed that dialogue is key to forming healthy relationships. The monthly communication event continues to run in other villages in Papua’s inland areas, becoming a routine agenda and a part of PT TSE’s Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) program. With this, PT Tunas Sawa Erma shows its concern towards Papuans’ social environment development.

TSE is a part of Tunas Sawa Erma Group (TSE Group), which engages in palm oil plantation business in Papua. TSE-A is committed to practicing sustainable palm oil governance and keeps innovating in an effort to prioritize fulfilling its environmental and social responsibility. (*)

Published On: September 23, 2022
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