Photo: Trained under TSE Group’s business unit, the sago farmer group got together with the local community and taught them new recipes


BOVEN DIGOEL – PT Berkat Cipta Abadi (PT BCA) is a part of Tunas Sawa Erma Group (TSE Group), which engages in palm oil plantation business in Papua. In line with TSE Group’s vision, PT BCA is fully committed to practicing sustainable palm oil governance and keeps innovating in an effort to prioritize fulfilling its environmental and social responsibility.

One way to meet this social responsibility is by helping Papuans improve their life and entrepreneurial skills. On Tuesday (18/10), the company did exactly this by introducing a cake recipe to Aiwat villagers in Subur District, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua.

This sweet concoction is made from sago, a crop produced by Aiwat farmer group which PT BCA empowers through entrepreneurial activities. In this get-together, group members (who are also local Family Empowerment & Welfare cadres) taught residents the way to grill the staple food and turn it into a tasty chocolate sponge cake.

PT Berkat Cipta Abadi and TSE Group know that sago plays a huge role in meeting Papuans’ basic food needs. This kind of starch can be found anywhere in this Birds-of-Paradise Land and has been known since the early people began farming.

PT BCA hoped this event inspired locals to use the material and make lucrative dishes out of it, aside from helping them broaden their food knowledge.

Medical team from PT BCA (one of TSE Group’s subsidiaries) giving Aiwat children a tutorial on brushing teeth and performed free medical checkup for residents


Alongside the taste test and cooking tutorial, the company organized a health dissemination session on the importance of clean and healthy lifestyle. All these activities make up PT BCA’s monthly communication and charity event. For this particular session, dr. Iva Setia Ningsih from the company clinic served as speaker and showed the kids how to properly brush their teeth, as doing this regularly and from an early age helps lower risks of diseases.

Free health checkup and treatment was also provided for all ages, from children to elders.

“From the checkup, we found many residents, particularly small children, who suffer from URTI (upper respiratory tract infections) and skin disease. These conditions are caused by unhealthy food and drink consumption, as well as poor hygiene habits. It is important to educate them on maintaining health and hygiene,” she said.

Aiwat representative Pius Kanduga expressed his gratitude for the event. “I thank the company for the service and treatment. We hope there’ll be more events like this,” he said. The series of activities then came to an end with a celebratory meal. Attendees dined on Papua traditional dishes and opor ayam (braised chicken in coconut milk), which were cooked by the company team and Aiwat mothers in this day’s cooking demo.

A harmonious and friendly atmosphere could be felt throughout the event, which also took place in Selil Village last April. This monthly communication and charity event is a part of PT Berkat Cipta Abadi’s Corporate Social Contribution program, which aims to develop a sustainable social environment.

PT Berkat Cipta Abadi a business unit of TSE Group, which engages in palm oil plantation sector in Papua. It upholds TSE Group’s five pillars in managing the Corporate Social Contribution program, which are education, health, economy, environment, and infrastructure. (*)

Published On: October 19, 2022
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