Photo: Representatives of PT BCA with the local community campaigning for environmental flora conservation in the area of Selil Village, Saturday (26/6)

MERAUKE, June 26, 2021 – Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE) Group through PT Berkat Cipta Abadi (BCA) held a campaign for environmental conservation in Selil Village, Merauke, Papua, Saturday (26/6). This event is hoped to be able to raise awareness of the local community on the importance of the protection of flora and fauna, especially the endangered species.

The series of campaigns was led by Chanho Jung from the nature and river conservation team of BCA, accompanied by 11 local residents. This event was fully supported by the community of Selil Village, who share a common wish of maintaining the conservation of the surrounding forest so it can be enjoyed by their children and grandchildren.

The campaign began with a massive socialization to the community regarding the types of animals and plants that need to be protected. Some animals that are now rarely seen in Selil Village include kangaroos, pig-headed turtles, birds of paradise, and cranes.

In addition, warning boards are also installed at strategic points on the edge of the forest to protect the flora and fauna inside. With the boards, the company asks the community to maintain together the cleanliness of the water flow of Bian Riverbank, a bank Mill River, located near the Selil Village.

The Head of Selil Village, Alfonso Renggam, expressed his appreciation to BCA for being involved in environmental conservation. “Hopefully with the warning boards, people will no longer hunt the protected animals. On behalf of the people of Selil Village, I am highly grateful,” he said.

As a company specialized in oil palm plantation, BCA and other TSE Group subsidiaries always strive to contribute to environmental conservation activities. This concern is shown through concrete actions of planting tree seedlings and environmental clean-up actions carried out by inviting the involvement of various elements of society, especially the local community.

In addition to the environmental sector, TSE Group’s social responsibilities include education, health, economy, and infrastructure, which are often referred to as Corporate Social Contribution (CSC). This series of contributions is TSE Group’s form of concern for building a prosperous and harmonious community in the company area. (Christian/PPA Humas S&C)


Installment of warning boards to protect the flora and fauna in the forest area near Selil Village, Papua

Atmosphere in Bian Riverbank, a bank of Mill River, located near Selil Village

The Head of Selil Village, Alfonso Renggam posing in front of a warning board of flora and fauna conservation recently installed by PT BCA and the local community

Published On: July 15, 2021
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