Medical checkup service is being provided by doctors from PT DP clinic

MERAUKE, 25 June 2022 – PT Dongin Prabhawa (PT DP) has been trying to outreach to communities on the far east of Indonesia through monthly communication program and free health services. This time, the programs targeted the residents of Tagaepe Village, Ngguti District, Merauke Regency, Papua on Saturday (25/6).

Long hours of travel and harsh road conditions did not dampen the spirits of company representatives, who wished to meet up with the village locals. Exhaustion soon dissipated as the community gave a warm welcome.

The event kicked off with a joint activity by the locals and company representatives, which was installing a signpost with reminders on it. This action aimed to remind the people to protect biodiversity thriving outside company grounds, especially inside the village, and to keep the river water protected area clean, as well as free from trash and industrial waste.

The monthly communication program and free health service serve as a part of the company’s regular Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) program, intended to develop a sustainable social environment for the Papuans. This CSC program is also a corporate concern towards environmental sustainability.

“This activity is a collaboration effort between PT Dongin Prabhawa and the local community, we hope they can take care of the river environment so it will be clean and healthy,” said Beny Panjaitan, acting as the ISPO Manager of PT DP.

This event is followed by free medical treatment under the free health service program and administered by Dr. Angga, as well as the team from PT DP’s clinic. Such treatment was provided due to limited number of medical services and facilities in Tagaepe Village. Through this activity, the company seeks to provide the communities, even those living in the inland areas access to health services.

Medical checkup results show that numerous locals suffer from hypertension and upper respiratory tract infections (URI/URTI). For that reason, Dr. Angga invited the people to maintain healthy diet, personal hygiene, and environmental hygiene. Aside from the treatment, he held a socialization event on adopting clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS). 

These events and health services are greatly useful; we got to know how to keep ourselves healthy by practicing clean lifestyle, and it starts from small, daily habits. We hope that these services will be held more often in the future,” uttered Yusak Gebze, the village chief, in appreciation of the company’s contribution.  

The series of activities was accompanied with a friendly atmosphere, and finished with dinner with the locals. Food were cooked and served by village mothers and company representatives in a cooking demonstration, also a part of the monthly communication program.

PT. Dongin Prabhawa (PT. DP) is a subsidiary of TSE Group, which specializes in palm plantation and operates in Papua. PT DP is strongly committed to following the No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policy in managing a sustainable palm plantation. (PPA/pr)

Published On: June 25, 2022
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