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Salute to our readers. Leaving the year behind (and heading into the next) can bring a mixed bag of emotions. It may feel challenging to move on from 2022, given its unforgettable events and memories, but at the same time, we are excited about what 2023 has in store.

Joy, worry, gratitude—all these come together like splashes of color on a blank sheet called the New Year, distinct yet intertwined in a beautiful hue that evokes passion and courage.

It is this hue, this zeal, that drives TSE Group to strive hard and complete meaningful, important work.

For us, this “important work” isn't always about managing and growing a business on a larger scale. It's also about sharing with our surroundings and doing more valuable things for people and nature.

In 2022, Tunas Sawa Erma Group worked hard to foster a healthy and harmonious relationship with the local communities. We spent a great deal of time listening to wishes and aspirations, talking heart to heart, giving the help they need, and contributing ideas that would be beneficial for all.

The Company also took an active stance in protecting the surrounding environment by organizing river clean-ups alongside the people. In the event near Guiss Village, Ulilin District (Merauke Regency), TSE Group and Guiss residents worked side by side picking up trash and cleaning the Rawa Kasat river. We did this with the awareness that a clean environment reflects the society's quality of life and guarantees the health of its individuals.

All our steps were made through careful consideration and thought. You can see this through our Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) programs, which run all year round. We sincerely hope that all we did can bring good things for everyone. Editorial Team

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